Food Waste Valorisation for Sustainable Chemicals, Materials and Fuels (EUBis)

Technical & Sustainability Assessment/Policy Analysis

WG4 focuses on the economic assessment of alternative technologies, including supply logistics and feasibility evaluation of green processes at the industrial level, whilst also exploring the environmental and social impacts of the valorisation technologies used in WGs 1, 2 & 3. The research coordinated by this WG is focused on evaluating the data from the experimental and larger scale operations generated by WG 1, 2 & 3, employing computer software to compare different schemes. The assessment of the valorisation processes will include techno-feasibility studies, costing studies, economic feasibility studies and sensitivity analyses.


  • To decide upon a unified set of metrics for evaluating the sustainability of FSCW valorisation processes
  • To evaluate the sustainability of FSCW valorisation processes by analysing their economic, environmental and social impact
  • To define a sound theoretical framework for promoting a broad policy support to novel FW valorisation activities

Working Group Members

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