Food Waste Valorisation for Sustainable Chemicals, Materials and Fuels (EUBis)

Chemical Processing

The aim of this WG is to design and develop advanced strategies for chemical processing of FW residues, to generate high value products which can be integrated into existing markets. The research of this WG is focused on implementing low environmental impact methodologies for FW valorisation. Clean synthesis methods will be used to transform intermediates from WGs 1 & 2 to higher value products, including heterogeneous catalysis, microwave irradiation and flow chemistry. Using key intermediates such as sugars, chitosan and fatty acids, WG3 will produce main end products ranging from novel renewable surfactants and biodiesel, to platform molecules and biopolymers with biological activities.


  • To scope existing and new methodologies for chemical processing of FSCW including exploration of novel in-situ methods for converting natural extracts into higher value chemicals, materials and/or fuel products (eg. microwave processing)
  • To identify major added-value products (chemicals, materials and fuels) to be produced from FSCW (product-driven biorefining)
  • To demonstrate the most promising FW valorisation processes at a larger scale

Working Group Members

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