Food Waste Valorisation for Sustainable Chemicals, Materials and Fuels (EUBis)

Pre-treatment and Extraction

Working Group Leader: Dr Mehrdad Arshadi
Working Group Deputy: Marija Bodroza-Solarov

WG1 coordinates research tasks related to new and existing methodologies for the benign and selective extraction of chemical products from food supply chain waste (FSCW).

Pre-treatment: After appropriate FSCW has been identified, it must be pre-treated by palletisation, densification and/or mechanical pre-treatment.

Extraction: The extraction and separation of valuable small molecules and materials can be achieved using green/no solvent methods and eco-friendly low cost processes, including:

  • Liquid CO2
  • Supercritical fluids
  • Ultrasonic-assisted extraction
  • Accelerated solvent extraction
  • Microwave assisted extraction
  • Bio-solvents

Selective recovery of high value chemicals can be achieved through the use of solvent modelling and green extraction technologies, and hence WG1 will also look at solvent selection.


  • To scope existing and new methodologies for the benign and selective extraction of products from FSCW
  • To identify major added-value products (chemicals, materials and fuels) to be produced from FSCW (product-driven biorefining)
  • To demonstrate the most promising of these at a larger scale

Working Group Members

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